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You are never going to become successful on TokTok if you remain a lurker, watching other peoples’ videos, possibly even leaving comments, but never uploading your original material.

You will never be more than an also-ran, however, if you limit yourself to uploading bog-standard lip-synch videos, either. Sure, that’s fine for generally-untalented teenagers, just wanting to be part of the crowd, along with their real-life friends. But it is incredibly limiting to your online social success.

If you have any talent in your niche and even a fraction of confidence, make an effort to produce original videos. TikTpk’s young audience probably don’t require that you have hidden depths of technical expertise, but they do expect you to at least make an effort if they are going to bother to follow you, check this link for more info.

If you look at the list of successful TikTok accounts, you will see that the vast bulk of them made their name by uploading original, exciting videos that appealed to a sizable group of TikTok’s users.

Aamir Kamal claims that it is essential to look attractive in your videos. Now, being “attractive’ Is very much subjective, and you shouldn’t try to be somebody who you aren’t. But you should come across as the best version fo yourself in your videos (unless, perhaps, you make comedy videos and you are the victim of your own jokes).

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  1. Bill Shepherd
    Mon 07th Jul 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Eric : a very interesting interview. Having read many of your books and nearly finished with “One Continuous Fight”, I can attest to the quality of the writing and research that is the truly unique quality of the books you and your co-authors have given your growing readership. i’m very glad to see that “Brice’s Crossroads” will be a future project. Having been there recently with the Chicago Roundtable and Ed Bearss, i’d agree that that battle presents an opportunity for building upon the scholarship of Ed Bearss and others. Even though Erwin Rommel never visited there, he should have. One can learn from the success of the “Critter Cavalry”. Bill Shepherd.

  2. Tue 08th Jul 2008 at 10:00 am

    I’m also excited to see the Brice’s Crossroads book in the works. I have a strong interest in General Forrest and that’s a great fight to study.

    If you find yourself in the Nashville area, let me know. Maybe we can catch some coffee or lunch.

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