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How I got interested in the American Civil War

I first became interested in the exploits of the Federal horse soldiers when I made my first visit to the Gettysburg National Military Park as a third grader. I grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, home to many of the original members of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry. My favorite story from that trip was of Brig. General John Buford and the heroic First Cavalry Division. My interest in the Civil War grew, and was nurtured during my college years at Dickinson College located less than one hour from Gettysburg.

I am now an attorney in Central Ohio. Today, I work in the business development and litigation arenas. I have retained my interest in the late Conflict and continue to develop it. In 1991, I tried my hand at writing about the Civil War, and my career as a serious historian began. In the intervening years, I have written more than three dozen articles that have appeared in national Civil War magazines, as well as a number of books.

My first book, titled Gettysburg’s Forgotten Cavalry Actions, was published in 1998. It was named the third winner of the Robert E. Lee Civil War Roundtable of Central New Jersey’s Bachelder-Coddington Literary Award as 1998’s best new work interpreting the Battle of Gettysburg. Since then, I have written sixteen more that are currently available, along with a brand new edition of the first one.

I focus on the Union cavalry operations in the Eastern Theatre if the Civil War, with a special emphasis on the role played by horse soldiers in the Gettysburg Campaign. However, my studies go beyond the limitations of the Gettysburg Campaign. The Cavalry fascinates me, and I am pleased to share this interest with you.

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