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The primary reason for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks has been my being tied up finishing up my portion of the baseball project. I’ve been working hard at finishing up the last six team profiles, and now have four of those last six finished. I’ve got two to go, and then the manuscript is finished. I have yet to tackle the 1991 Cleveland Indians and the 2003 Detroit Tigers, who lost 119 games and then went to the World Series three years later.

Along the way, I’ve discovered some nifty trivia that made its way into the book. Try this one on for size. On August 18, 1960, right handed pitcher Lew Burdette, who was a very effective major league pitcher for 22 years and who won more than 200 games in the majors, threw a no-hitter against the Phillies, 1-0. Burdette, then pitching for the Milwaukee Braves, scored the game’s only run. He won 19 games that season. Twenty-eight days later, on September 16, Braves ace Warren Spahn, probably the greatest left handed pitcher to ever toe the rubber, no-hit the Phillies again, winning 4-0 with 15 strikeouts. It was Spahn’s 20th win of the season.

Thus, two different Milwaukee Braves pitchers twirled no-hitters against the Phillies 28 days apart. It had never happened before, and it hasn’t happened since. I found this nifty little tidbit last week, while doing some digging for material on the Boston Braves.

Anyway, this sort of thing is what’s been keeping me occupied. As soon as I finish up the Indians and the Tigers, the manuscript is complete. At last. I expect to finish up this week for sure.

Once it’s done, I should resume more regular posting. In the meantime, please hang in there with me.

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  1. Mon 30th Mar 2009 at 10:01 am

    We are nearing the 9th-inning my friend!

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