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As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m leading a tour of central Virginia cavalry battlefields for the Civil War Education Association from June 19-22. The event is headquartered in Culpeper, VA, and will be covering the Battle of Brandy Station, the Battle of Kelly’s Ford, the Battle of Trevilian Station, and the fighting at Culpeper in September 1863. It should be a terrific tour.

I’ve been coordinating the Culpeper County events with my old friend and mentor Bud Hall, who is THE authority on Brandy Station, and who is the one most responsible for the preservation of that battlefield. Between us, we’ve cooked up some nifty surprises for the group for the Culpeper County portion of the tour. Just to whet your whistles a tad….thanks to Bud, lunch on Friday will be served on the grounds of Farley, the beautiful home that was the focus of the fighting for Yew Ridge on the afternoon of June 9, 1863.

Seats are filling up fast. If you have any interest at all, don’t wait too much longer to sign up, or it just might be too late……

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