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I own the complete run of Gettysburg Magazine, all 37 issues. For those keeping score, at two issues per year, that makes 19 years’ worth of magazines. It’s the ONLY magazine that I’ve EVER purchased where I’ve kept every single issue, including North and South, where I sat on the company’s board of directors for a number of years. To date, I’ve had something like eight articles published in the magazine, including three on John Buford. I’ve been in the last two issues in a row, and I just submitted another article on the Battle of Funkstown for the July 2008 issue earlier today.

There was a gap of seven or eight years there where I didn’t submit anything to the magazine due to pesonal conflicts with Sweet Old Bob (“SOB”) Younger. I swore that as long as Bob was still alive, I would not submit so much as a single word of my work to the magazine. Once Bob died, I started submitting articles to the magazine again.

The following was posted on the Gettysburg Discussion Group today:

Lew and I received a letter from Andy Turner, Publisher/Editor of The Gettysburg Magazine today. After thanking us for our support of the magazine, he writes that “we have more articles on hand than we’ve had for many years, which certainly bodes well for the future of the magazine…I can plow straight ahead in an effort to make the magazine the best it can be.

The magazine, since its inception, has never been a money maker. It has almost always broken even, but never been profitable. I believe the financial future of the magazine lies in subscriptions. My goal is to be able to continue the magazine without advertising. To do that, we need to increase the number of subscribers.

The subscription rate has remained steady for many yars now at about 1,500. I find it hard to believe that in this entire country there are only 1,500 people who would want to subscribe to this magazine. This is where we can use your help. If every subscriber could get one new subscriber, it would go a long way to securing the future of the magazine. It could be a friend, a
fellow Round Table member, or even the local library. Every subscription helps.

For more information:

email: gettysburgmagazine@yahoo.com
P.O. Box 1311
Dayton, Ohio 45401

I strongly support what Andy Turner, the new publisher of the magazine, is doing, and I want to encourage any and all of you to consider subscribing, as Andy requests. You will get approximately 150 8 1/2 x 11 pages chock full of good information, great maps, good photographs, and not a single advertisement. As far as that goes, it’s money well spent, and you won’t regret it.

Please support Andy’s efforts to keep the magazine free of advertisements.

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