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Today marks my second day back at the office after our vacation. I thought that I was pretty much caught up, as I did a lot of work while we were gone (technology makes doing so easy), I’ve been absolutely buried the last two days. I had four different appointments today, meaning that I got very little else done during the day today. I am pretty much caught up, but it means that I’m not making any real progress. That, of course, is the thing that I was dreading while I was gone, and my fears have come to pass.

This week–probably on Thursday night–I will get back to being productive on my Civil War work. Although it’s been since the first week in March since I’ve done anything of any consequence on my biography of Ulric Dahlgren, and Thursday night, it looks like I will finally be able to get back to work. Chasing Aurora was largely a full-time job for the first three months of her stay with us (and she apparently had an accident in the kitchen a little while ago), and with Susan listing books on Amazon for our book-selling business, it’s taken virtually all of my evenings since then watching her.

We’ve come up with a formula that will work that will permit us to switch off nights watching her, and that will give me an opportunity to get back to work. I have to admit that, while the break was nice, I’ve missed being productive, and I am ready to get back to it.

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