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Well, here are a couple of important updates on things discussed here in the last week.

1. I found out today that the maps for Monroe’s Crossroads are, at long last, all completed. The CD-ROM will be sent to Ted Savas tomorrow, and once Ted imports them into the manuscript, we’re off to the printer. That is stupendous news, which makes me feel a lot better about things.

2. J. D. Petruzzi is going to bail me out and take over the Custer project for me. I have every confidence that J. D. will do his usual superb job, and I’ve told him that I will be happy to provide him with copies of anything and everything that I bought while doing the research for this book. This gets me off the hook, assures Brassey’s that they will get a first-rate product, and allows me to continue to focus on the Dahlgren bio, which is something that I have VERY much wanted to do for years.

3. My regular readers are familiar with my rants about university presses, and about my stated lack of enthusiasm for having one publish another one of my books. It is, therefore, with a great deal of irony that I announce to you all I learned this week that Bison Books, a division of the University of Nebraska Press, has agreed to pick up and do a new edition of my 2001 book Glory Enough for All: Sheridan’s Second Raid and the Battle of Trevilian Station, which Brassey’s allowed to go out of print in 2003, over my loud protests, and to my everlasting mystification. It looks like Bison will permit me to add some of the new material that has surfaced in the years since the publication of the book, and that it will, ultimately, be an even better book than it already was. The irony, of course, is not lost on me.

That’s all the news that fit to report today. For a change, it’s all good news.

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  1. Alton Bunn
    Mon 23rd Jan 2006 at 2:07 pm


    When will Glory Enough For All be reissued?


  2. Mon 23rd Jan 2006 at 9:19 pm


    I don’t know yet. I haven’t yet been told a date. I promise, though, that everyone here will know about it well in advance.

    Thanks for writing.


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