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I just finished spending the vast majority of my last couple of months rewriting the retreat manuscript. We did a tremendous amount of additional research–our bibliography went from 17 pages to 38 in the process. We took what started out as a general but reasonably thorough tactical study of the fighting during the retreat and turned it into a full-blown scholarly study along the lines of Plenty of Blame to Go Around. In the process, we’ve literally used hundreds of sources. I counted, and there are 807 entries in the bibliography, all of which were legitimately consulted, and hundreds of which were actually cited. I’m really proud of it.

There are lots of things that are different from Kent Brown’s book. Brown’s book is primarily oriented toward a study of the logistics of the retreat, and really focuses on the Confederate viewpoint. While it certainly does contain some tactical detail, that’s not the book’s primary function.

Our work is extremely tactical–that’s its primary focus. We’ve written the most tactically detailed interpretations of the fighting during the retreat ever attempted. Our other primary focus is on the decisions made by the Union high command during the retreat and how they impacted the eventual outcome of events. Consequently, our book is complementary to, but at the same time, very, very different from Kent’s.

I’ve sent it to J. D. and Mike for their final passes at it, and then it’s off to Ted Savas to be put into production.

It will be out by the anniversary of the battle next year, and I can only hope that it’s as well received as Plenty of Blame to Go Around has been. I likewise hope that those of you who indulge my rantings here enjoy the book as much as I did putting it together.

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  1. Tue 02nd Oct 2007 at 11:05 pm


    Congratulations on finishing the manuscript! I know how you feel…I posted a similar “it’s finished’ message on my own blog last week regarding my forthcoming book, “Lincoln’s Labels.” I’ve no doubt your new book will be very well received and I look forward to seeing it in print. I especially appreciate how you’ve described how it complements Brown’s recent wprk.

    Best wishes for Continued Success,

    Jim Schmidt

  2. James McCorry
    Wed 03rd Oct 2007 at 11:59 am

    Eric: Congratulations. I know the book will be a great success. Ill be adding it to my library. Incidently when do you forsee the Ule Dahlgren biography to be published? Also Schroeder publications is printing the Letters of General William Wells this year. I enjoy your web site very much. You should also know that the demographic of a Civil War Collector-Reader is a mean average of 55-65 years old. Ref- Paul Taylor Web Site. I will not buy a book even if it is worthwhile if the printing job is bad and or the printing is to small. Im glad you are going with savas/beatie. I also aleways look at bibliography first when I look at a book to see what the sources are. Jacket blurbs are almost meaningless. Thanks for listening.

  3. Don
    Sun 07th Oct 2007 at 11:13 pm

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’re glad to be putting this one to bed.

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