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Intellectual property lawyer Larry Ebert put up a very interesting perspective on Carhart’s crappy book on his blog yesterday. I commend it to you.

Ebert discusses yet another review of this lousy book that points out just how little there really was in terms of novel content. It also points out how poor and how shallow Carhart’s research really was.

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  1. cibola2
    Wed 18th Jul 2007 at 9:25 am

    The review in question is by Jason M. Bell, and appears in The Army Lawyer (Charles J. Strong, technical editor). See the July 17, 2007 post on IPBiz, entitled More on Jason Bell’s review of Carhart’s book.

    I have emailed Mr. Strong about the contents of footnote 8 of Bell’s book review.

    There is a separate matter of Bell’s criticizing Carhart for failing to note the account of Captain William E. Miller. First, Carhart cited to Miller, so Carhart knew about Miller’s account and but did not mention the portion brought up by Bell. Second, if Miller’s account is credited, then Carhart’s theory is not truly novel. Further, one notes Carhart cited portions of Brooke-Rawle’s account.

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