I’ve been busy. Beside my professional responsibilities, which are especially heavy at the moment with the still-ongoing transition to the new firm, I’ve spent most of the last two evening incorporating the good material from the letters into my Rush’s Lancers manuscript. I’m halfway through the manuscript, having gotten through six of the twelve chapters.

These letters are some of the best soldier letters I’ve ever read, and are definitely a major and important addition to the manuscript. They provide tons of additional details that really help to put additional meat on the bones of the manuscript. They go a long way toward rounding out the story and making the telling of this regiment all the more compelling.

I’m very grateful to my publisher, Bruce Franklin, of Westholme Publishing, who has been willing to put up with the disruptions to the production schedule by now granting me the latitude to add two full sets of letters to manuscript at quite literally the last moment.

I’m grateful to Bruce for permitting me to do so. The additions are tremendous and really add a great deal to the story. But for Bruce’s indulgence, I would not have had the opportunity add this excellent materail to my book, and would have a very different final product.

Stay tuned.

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