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Modern Civil War books that I love, in no particular order:

Anything by Gordon Rhea
Andy Trudeau’s A Testing of Courage
Alan Nolan’s Lee Considered
Anything by Bruce Catton, but especially the American Heritage picture book
Shelby Foote’s trilogy
Douglas Southall Freeman’s Lee’s Lieutenants
Stephen Z. Starr’s trilogy on the Union cavalry
Virgil Carrington Jones’ Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders
Mark L. Bradley’s two books, but especially Last Stand in the Carolinas: The Battle of Bentonville
Anything by Jeff Wert, but especially his From Winchester to Cedar Creek
Ernest Fergurson’s Chancellorsville 1863: Souls of the Brave
Chris Fonviele’s The Last Departing Rays of Hope: The Wilmington Campaign
Alice Rains Trulock’s In the Hands of Providence
Benjamin Franklin Cooling’s Monocacy: The Battle that Saved Washington
Peter Cozzens’ This Terrible Sound: The Battle of Chickamauga

There are probably more, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

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