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I had lunch with fellow blogger blogger Mark Grimsley today. We had a chance to discuss a number of interesting topics, including blogging.

Mark was one of the very first entrants into the blogosphere, and either maintains or participates in three different blogs, including Civil Warriors, a blog that he maintains with Brooks Simpson and Steve Woodworth. When I started this blog, I specifically Mark’s blog as one of my primary inspirations for undertaking blogging.

One thing that strikes both of us is the wide variety of people who give their time and energy to indulge our blogs. Mark tracks statistics on his sites, and has been really amazed by the number of people who regularly read his posts. In my case, I’m just getting started with paying attention to the statistics, but the number of regular readers who indulge my rantings really humbles and impresses me, all at the same time. Both of us also paid tribute to the godfather of Civil War blogging, Dimitri Rotov. In my case, Dimitri was the other primary inspiration for my decision to begin ranting.

In case I haven’t expressed my gratitude to all of you who indulge my rants, I hope you all understand how much I appreciate that you find time in your busy schedules to indulge me and my rantings. I really appreciate it.

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  1. Thu 23rd Mar 2006 at 5:09 pm

    I have to admit Eric, I did NOT realize the power of a blog (being a website traditionalist myself). In fact, my blog was created merely as a forum to post things that did not seem to fit anywhere else on my website. I update, but as our good friend Dimitri pointed out, I have to post more often. (In fact I posted something about our discussion on Carhart and Pickett’s Charge the other day.) Anyway, I find myself visiting these Civil War blogs more frequently than I do the websites now as the information is always fresh and in many cases, “intellectually-opinionated” if that’s at all possible. So thank you for thanking us – but more importantly – thank you for giving us something worth coming back too again and again. Guys like you and Dimitri give all of us Civil War: historians, authors, re-enactors and buffs a reason to actually “embrace” 21st-Century technology – which is something that I have personally tried to avoid – much to the dismay of my family. BTW: I lost that fight a longtime ago.

  2. Thu 23rd Mar 2006 at 11:11 pm

    Thanks for your kind words, Michael. I’m flattered.


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