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We’re now moving into my busy season. I have six upcoming events in the next ninety days, and I figured I would share information about them here in case anyone has any interest in attending any of them.

June 6-7: J. D., Mike Nugent and I have a bunch of book signings (something close to 6) scheduled in Gettysburg that weekend. The annual spring muster of the Gettysburg Discussion Group is also that weekend. Once our final schedule is pinned down, I will post it here.

June 13-15: This is the weekend of my 25th reunion at my alma mater, Dickinson College. Normally, I wouldn’t even mention this, but the College is having me do a book signing from 9:00-10:30 on the morning of Saturday, June 14, in the College Store, located on the lower level of the Holland Union Building.

June 19-22: With J.D.’s help, I’m leading a program titled “The Clash of Cavalry in Virginia” for the Civil War Education Association. The program is based in Culpeper, and will feature tours of the Kelly’s Ford, Brandy Station, and Trevilian Station battlefields, as well as a visit to downtown Culpeper and its National Cemetery. The link provides the weekend’s schedule as well as information on how to sign up.*

June 26-29: I’m the primary tour guide for this year’s summer seminar for the Shepherd University George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War. The program focuses on the retreat from Gettysburg. While Kent Masterson Brown will be the scholar-in-residence, I’m in charge of leading the tours. There will be a half-day tour of the route of the Wagon Train of Wounded, and a full day’s tour of the fighting that took place during the retreat from Gettysburg and the pursuit of Lee’s army. The link provides the schedule and information about signing up.

July 16-19: The annual conference for The Little Big Horn Associates will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton Hagerstown hotel. This year’s conference focuses on George Armstrong Custer’s role in the 1862 Maryland Campaign. The link provides a registration form and the schedule of events. I’m no expert on the Maryland Campaign, but I will be giving a talk at the conference.

July 23-27: It’s back to Chambersburg for another of Ted Alexander’s events. This one is called “The Gettysburg Experience,” and features four very packed days of lectures and touring. The schedule for this weekend has not yet been pinned down, as Ted is still working on it. However, he asked if J. D. and I would lead a full-day tour of spots on Stuart’s Ride for him, and he’s also asked me to lead a tour of Farnsworth’s Charge, Merritt’s Fight on South Cavalry Field, and the Battle of Fairfield for him for half a day. He also asked me if I would give a talk and participate in a panel discussion or two, and I agreed. Check back for the schedule and for information on how to register.

* Some of you have probably seen the advertisement in this month’s Civil War News indicating that I wold be participating in the annual spring conference/battlefield tour for the Shenandoah Civil War Associates. Here’s a link to the program’s schedule. I actually was really looking forward to being part of this program, since I have never visited some of the battlefields being covered, and was looking forward to touring them with Chris Calkins. However, when Bob Maher, the director of the Civil War Education Association, scheduled the cavalry program for Culpeper, he didn’t check dates with me, and I found myself with an irreconcilable scheduling conflict. The CWEA program cannot proceed without me, whereas I am dispensable in the Shenandoah Civil War Associates event. Consequently, it left me with no choice but to back out of the Shenandoah Civil War Associates program. I regret the scheduling conflict, and I regret having to back out of the event more than I can describe, as I always enjoy that program as well as the interactions with the regulars who attend it each year. I apologize if anyone intended to attend the event based on my participation in it.

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