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I am at an event in Chambersburg, PA. More tomorrow.

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  1. Harold Pearman
    Sun 30th Mar 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Several of my friends and I went to the Liberty University CW Seminar this weekend expecting to hear you talk on JEB Stuart’s Calvary Actions at Gettysburg. They had advertized you in their program for some time,but we found a poor substitute instead of you.. His talk on the subject was as poor as his book. The seminar directors didn’t discuss why you were not present and acted as if you were never in their plans.
    You didn’t miss anything as it was a second rate seminar -poorly organized,horrible food ,several poor programs although about half of them did a great job.I as in process of writing a scathing critique of the seminar and would appreciate your comments as to how you failed to be on the program

  2. Sun 30th Mar 2008 at 10:17 pm


    Sorry to hear that – in the interest of disclosure, when Eric found out he was double-booked that weekend (see his post tonite) he asked me to fill in for him at Liberty. Unfortunately, my birthday was Wednesday, and my wife’s birthday is today, so I couldn’t take off for the weekend. Way too much going on. So Eric did try that route. Had I been available I certainly would have signed on to pitch hit for him.

    Sounds as though the program was pretty miserable. Has Liberty ever done a program like this before? Maybe they don’t have any experience in doing so.

    And I think I can probably guess who may have given the presentation that you criticize – if it was also on Jeb at Gettysburg (and it’s the author and book I’m thinking of) I can imagine it was pretty lousy 🙂


  3. Don Moody
    Mon 07th Apr 2008 at 1:16 pm

    His name is Warren C. Robinson. He spoke about the “calvery”. He did a very poor job at attempting to answer questions. I asked one of the directors why Eric had been removed from the program and he replied that “he had emailed a couple of weeks ago to cancel and I don’t know why.” Most of the other speakers I heard did a fine job. This was Liberty’s 3rd or 4th CW seminar I believe.

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