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After more than six months without a single post–I had written it off as a dead blog–Touch the Elbow, the excellent blog by the authors of the regimental history of the 18th Massachusetts Infantry, is back! I always really enjoyed the insights of Tom and the others, and was very sorry to see the blog die. I’m even more pleased to see it back. I’ve added it back into the blogroll. Welcome back, guys.

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  1. Mike Seaton
    Mon 21st Jan 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Trying to contact Eric. Eric: I need some help. I am trying to identify long gun, hand gun, and sabre types/models used in the Battle of Trevilian Station. My purpose is to purchase replicas of these weapons for display in the new Sargeant Museum in Louisa. Can you help me? Mike

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