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Rea Andrew Redd, who is a college librarian, announced the launch of his blog on the GDG today. Rea’s blog contains lots of really good and really useful reviews of Civil War books, mostly pertaining to the Battle of Gettysburg. Welcome to the blogosphere, Rea, and keep up the good work. I’ve added a link to your blog.

The last time John Banks had a Civil War-related post was in February. Consequently, I have deleted the link to his blog. Unfortunately, old friend Mark Wade, who was blogging as Mayland Rebel, has not posted in several months either. As a result, I’ve also deleted the link to his blog, although I will be happy to restore the link if Mark ever starts posting again, as his posts have always been good.

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  1. Fri 23rd Sep 2011 at 10:30 pm

    General: I am back and better than ever! Please restore me!

    John Banks

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