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The other day, I received this e-mail through this blog:

I am serching for info on the 6th georgia calv. company K My 3 great grandfather Andrew Jackson Brigman from walker co georgia was inlisted as a private on the confedrate side. I can find no info on this company, but have found sevral publications on genalogy sites regarding this very company, I am wondering what he did and where he fought. the family folk lore was that he had his 3 fingers shot off, in the war at some point. and was left for dead by the union troops.Or he played dead one or the other. I am wondering how to find this info if it is true. and as well why soon after the war did he move from walker county georgia where he had a plantation and family to lousiville Ky and then to Paducah, was he shipped to paducah because of wounds, Paducah is known for the union hospital sites but not confedrate? Ahh !!! Im so confused I need help if you can steer me in the right direction, Or give me a creditable web site I would be so greatful.

I get at least one inquiry like this per week. While I am flattered that you think I know enough about the war to answer questions about your specific ancestor, the very substantial likelihood is that I don’t. More likely than not, your ancestor served in a unit that I know nothing about. The 6th Georgia Cavalry, being a Western Theater unit, is not one that I know anything about. And while I appreciate your confidence in me and in your taking the time to write, if I did the research to answer every one of these inquiries, I would have no time to do anything else. Consequently, I made the decision that, unless it’s something I can answer in ten minutes of less, I will not do so, and that I will not typically respond to those inquiries for the simple reason that doing so takes time that I don’t have to spare.

I regret it if that offends the folks who make those inquiries, but I simply don’t have time. But I do thank you for your interest and for your faith that I might somehow be able to help. If I can, I will. If not, then the likelihood is that I will not respond.

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  1. Lee White
    Wed 30th Nov 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Eric, You can forward him to me. I live in Walker County and also had an ancestor in the 6th, so I can probably help him out.

    Lee White

  2. Sat 03rd Dec 2011 at 1:19 am

    Brigman enlisted August 1, 1863 and was either captured or deserted to Federal lines on December 1 of that year. He swore his Oath of Allegiance to the United States at Louisville on December 27, and was released “on taking oath and going North [of the] Ohio River.” His compiled service record does not mention a wound.

    I’m sorry that this is probably very different from the story your correspondent probably expected. He or she can contact me through my blog any time.

  3. G.E. Colpitts
    Sat 11th Feb 2012 at 8:52 pm

    It’s fortunate that some of your readers are able to help this person. I would suggest anyone who contacts you to check with the National Archives and Records Administration at http://www.nara.org for information on individual soldiers. They can order contents of files using downloadable forms on that website.

    Hope all is well.

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