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It’s now been six weeks since Cleo had her stroke and we had to put her down. It’s been five weeks since little Miss Aurora came home, although it feels like MUCH longer, thanks to the sleep deprivation.

The thing about puppies is that they aren’t typically housebroken at the age of 8 weeks, which is how old Aurora was when we brought her home. We’re crate training her, but when we’re home in the evenings, and she’s out of the crate, we have to watch her like a hawk, and hustle her outside if she shows even the slightest inclination to pee, or else it’s on the floor. The whole watching like a hawk thing means one of us has to be watching her pretty much constantly, which is a huge disincentive to being productive. Consequently, I have been able to spend exactly two hours on my Dahlgren manuscript since Aurora came home. Needless to say, nothing is getting done and no progress is being made.

Fortunately, she’s getting a little bigger and a little older now, so she now is able to go longer between trips outside, and she’s learning to tell us that she needs to go outside. I think that this means that I will finally get a chance to resume being productive this week. It’s been a long time, and I’m getting anxious about not being productive. That pressure comes entirely from within; I have no publisher for the project as of now, so I have no deadline other than that which I impose upon myself. At the same time, loose ends drive me absolutely nuts, and this is a HUGE loose end. So, I am getting extremely anxious about getting this wrapped up.

I hate being unproductive.

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