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The puppy got us up early this morning. She decided she had no interest in being in her crate this morning, and got us up early. I was flipping channels while contemplating showering, and came to the History Channel. To my great surprise, there I was on the screen. It was very strange.

In 1999, I was asked to be a talking head in an installment of an hour-long documentary on John Buford then being shot by Greystone for a new series called “The Unknown Civil War”. In March of that year, I went to Gettysburg and met the producer. It was early March, but it was uncommonly warm, nearly 70 degrees, although a violent cold front that would cause the temperature to drop about 40 degrees in no time flat was on its way. It arrived the next day.

That evening, he and I had a couple of cold adult beverages at the Farnsworth House tavern, and then the next day, we went to shoot the film. I woke up REALLY sick that morning, with a very nasty sinus infection. I felt like hell all day, and we regularly had to interrupt shooting in order to blow my nose and try to clear my throat. I managed to struggle my way through the thing, and to my great amazement, I don’t sound as bad as I felt that day, although I certainly know just how sick I was. On top of all of it, it started snowing while I was sitting out on the eastern spur of McPherson’s Ridge, overlooking Iverson’s Pits, filming my portion of the documentary.

A massive cold front blew through that night, meaning that my flight went nowhere (they had flown me into Harrisburg), and I had no more clean clothing. Fortunately, they put us up in a hotel, but I was only supposed to be gone one night, and that’s all the clothing, etc., I had with me. It was really kind of gross having to put on the same clothing again the next day, but I didn’t have much in the way of choices.

I have, of course, seen the video before, and even own a copy of it. However, this series has not aired on the History Channel previously, and it was really a surrealistic surprise seeing a younger version of myself (without the gray hair) on TV this morning.

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  1. Sat 15th Apr 2006 at 6:26 pm

    Eric – I did not know you were involved with the Buford episode but had every intention of watching it this morning. Unfortunately, I slept in till 9:30 and missed it! I’ll keep an eye out though for when it airs again. I’ll be up in Gettysburg in 2 weeks and plan to spend some time educating myself on some Yankee horseman – especially J. Buford.

  2. Brad Snyder
    Sat 15th Apr 2006 at 7:45 pm

    Eric–Funny, you should mention this. I saw it too. I was sitting on the couch working on my tax return. (Can someone tell me why alternative minimum tax exists) and turned on the History Channel in the middle of the program and then shortly heard a voice I recognized. I looked up and there you were. I enjoyed the program. Hey, by the way, don’t feel too bad about the gray hair, at least you have plenty of hair left!!

  3. Sat 15th Apr 2006 at 10:01 pm

    Michael and Brad,

    It was quite a good time, but it seems like a lifetime ago–it was seven years ago, after all. I’m sure it will be on again, Michael.

    Brad, I wish I could explain the alternative miminum tax thing for you, but I’m just as lost as you are. 🙂


  4. Mon 17th Apr 2006 at 5:46 pm

    I saw this episode, too, and had I known I was watching someone I’ve swapped comments with, I would have paid closer attention. I tend to watch TV, drink, read, play the guitar, drink, talk to my wife, pet the dogs and drink all at the same time, so often a lot goes by that I miss.

    I’ll keep an eye out for a repeat.

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