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Today, it finally hit me that spring has finally sprung. In no particular order, I’ve noticed the following things today:

1. The daffodils are out everywhere. They’re my favorite flower, because they mean it’s spring time.

2. Tomorrow is opening day for major league baseball. If you need proof that it’s spring, I can’t possibly think of better proof than that.

3. We’ve slept with the windows open for the last couple of nights.

4. I have a sinus infection. That’s always a sure sign that it’s spring.

5. One of my neighbors had a new roof put on this week. Nobody does that sort of work in the winter time unless it’s absolutely necessary.

6. The NHL regular season is nearly over. Our Blue Jackets have only eight games left to play. They’ve won five in a row. It’s a crying shame they waited until the tail end of the season to decide to start winning.

7. Susan had the top down on her convertible the other day for the first time this year.

8. Everywhere we looked today, we saw people riding motorcycles. That prompted us to get our bikes out today.

I’m a novice biker. My bike has about 40 miles on it, and my total riding experience equals about 75 miles. We took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation new rider course last fall, and it was deifnitely a worthwhile experience. I’ve already used some of what I learned in the class, including a quick stop today, the first I’ve had to do on the street. My learning curve is still so steep that it’s almost vertical, and I’m still scared to death every time that I get on the bike. I hope to get up the courage to take the thing out on the freeway soon; so far, I have not done so–too scared, not enough experience, and not enough confidence in my abilities on the thing yet. But, it’s a definite sign of spring.

Let’s hope that the weather holds and that there’s no more snow. I love spring, and I hate winter.

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  1. Dave Kelly
    Mon 03rd Apr 2006 at 11:08 am

    Err, EW, in case you haven’t noticed, motorcycles and writers don’t mix. Do us both a favor and sell it to a mechanic. ( I know a lot of one legged mechanics – for the same reason.)

    I know it’s spring ’cause the Five Forks Battlefield/ and Sutherland Inn did there thang this past weekend. And last nite the ghosts on Cox Road and Edge Hill celebrated their anniversary ( Or maybe it was just opening weekend at the NHRA track down the street….)

  2. Mon 03rd Apr 2006 at 2:26 pm


    LOL. Good point. 🙂


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