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There are three new blogs that have popped up. Thanks to Mike Koepke for pointing out two of them, and to Andy MacIsaac for pointing out the other.

First is Brian Downey’s new Antietam-based blog. Brian is a renowned authority on the 1862 Maryland Campaign, and he should have some good insights to share.

The other two are joint blogs.

Another is Andy Etman’s Strike The Tent: A Reference & Research Destination With Peer-Reviewed Sources, Published By An Unemployed Historian And A Self-Proclaimed Civil War Nut, which contains the following description: “This is ‘Andy’s Civil War Blog’, to be used as a companion and reference guide to HIST 320-02, ‘Topics in History: The Civil War’ being taught by Professor Dr. Frances Jones-Sneed at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.” It appears to be a collaboration by several members of the class and its instructor. There are some interesting posts to be had there.

Finally, there is the new joint blog of Mark Grimsley, Steven Woodworth, and Brooks Simpson, all well regarded academic historians. It’s called Civil Warriors, and its stated mission–as defined by Mark Grimsley–is “Thinking about the issues involved in publicizing one’s own books — the overwhelming majority of books that appear each year are surprisingly undermarketed, and authors really need to learn to fend for themselves — I (Mark Grimsley) got the idea for creating (yet another) blog. This one would be a collaborative effort among several Civil War historians. The point of the blog — its drawing card — would be to focus on the craft of Civil War history. We’d talk candidly about what we were doing, why we did it, what we hoped would emerge from it.” These well-respected academic historians bring useful insight to the study of the Civil War.

All three of these blogs have been added to the links secction here.

Welcome aboard, everyone.

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  1. Fri 17th Mar 2006 at 4:17 pm

    Thanks for the pointer Eric. I think the renown is only in my head 🙂 I’ll try to live up to the billing.

  2. Fri 17th Mar 2006 at 4:35 pm

    LOL. You’re welcome, Brian.


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