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I want to welcome my friend Duane Siskey to the blogosphere. Duane lives in Gettysburg and is a Civil War cavalry reenactor. J. D. and I stayed at Duane’s place the last time we were in Gettysburg. Duane has started a new blog that discusses what it’s like to live in the ‘burg. I’ve added a link to Duane’s blog. Welcome to the blogosphere, Duane.

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  1. Tue 31st Jul 2007 at 12:13 am

    Why, thanks, Eric. Glad to be here! I know it’s not the Ritz, or anything even remotely close, but should you ever need a place lo lie down for the night, you know where to find me. And if you’re ever in town, you had better let me know ahead of time!

    Regards from the ‘burg!

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