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There are two new blogs that I want to add to the blogroll.

16-year-old Sarah Adler of Hanover, PA maintains an insightful Civil War blog called Ten Roads in recognition of the network of ten roads that comes together in Gettysburg. Sarah volunteers at the Lincoln train station in Gettysburg, and I enjoy her insights. I’ve added a link to her blog.

I have also added a link to Rene Tyree’s blog, called Wig Wags. Rene is a graduate student in military history at American Military University, where I used to teach. The stated objective of the blog is to organize course material, but it seems to go much deeper than that. I find Rene’s insights and observations interesting, so I’ve also added a link to Rene’s blog.

I’ve also deleted the link to Mark Peters’ blog, as it has now been more than two months since the last post.

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